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Starting a Business

We understand that starting a business is a big challenge. In many ways, starting a business is like building a house – if the foundation isn’t solid, the house will fall down. We’ll help you establish a strong business from the start, so you don’t succumb to unforseen pitfalls and challenges. We’ll give you the confidence and encouragement to advance in your industry. In our initial consultation, we’ll  look over your financial projections and give you expert advice on the viability of your business. 

 We’ll help you to:

  • Decide on the best business structure for your business
  • Register the business with the Revenue and the Company Registrations Office (CRO)
  • Prepare a business plan to include financial projections
  • Advise on the most suitable accounting package
  • We will ‘take over’ the financial running of the business, which means dealing with all Accounting, Bookkeeping and company secretarial functions
  • Establish relationships with banks, solicitors and other people within our client base that can help you
  • Source grants
  • Liaise with local enterprise boards
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