Accounting & Taxation
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What We Do ?

Accounting & Taxation services

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What Can We Do ?

  • We aim to be pro- active with our clients. To this end we will meet our client many times during the year in both the Book-keeping , Accounting and Taxation functions which are carried out during the year.
  • We will agree a fixed fee with no surprises
  • We aim to help clients reduce their Taxes while also increasing profitability
  • We have the highest standards on a professional level and this also applies to the way we deal with our clients
  • We aim to be a “ One Stop Shop” in relation to the provision of Accounting, Taxation and Bookkeeping for our clients

Pillars of William Halpin & Co.

Any self employed persons or Limited Liability Companies needing Taxation and Accounting advice to include

  • 1. We “ Talk your language”. We talk at the same level as our clients.
  • 2. We “ Talk Straight” to our clients and will be upfront at all times
  • 3. We always encourage clients to be pro active and positive in any business dealings. We will be with you every step along the way.
  • 4. There will be no surprise fees. We agree a fixed fee at the outset

Who Should contact us ?

We also have wide experience in dealing with Accounting and Taxation matters relating to Charities and community organisations

  • Farmers
  • Retail Shops
  • I.T Contractors
  • Pharmaceutical Contractors
  • Building Contractors
  • Rental Property owners
  • Professionals such as Engineers, Architects,Doctors
  • Transport Companies
  • Bars, Bed & Breakfasts

For PAYE Employees We can

  • Claim Tax Back
  • Review Tax Credits
  • Complete Local Property Tax Forms
  • Complete Accounts if they own,for example a rented house or is a part time farmer

This list is not exhaustive. Suffice it to say that we would welcome all the above and assure them of a Quality, professional Taxation and Accounting service.


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