Accounting & Taxation
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Corporate and Business Taxes

Over the last 25 years we have dealt with Taxation issues under all the Tax Heads.
We will provide a service that will minimise your exposure to Income Taxes and Corporation Tax through good Tax planning
We provide Tax advice and services for:


  • Advise on optimal structure ie Sole Trader, Partnership, limited Liability Company
  • Timely filing of all Tax Returns and advice on Preliminary Tax payable well in advance of Tax Deadline
  • Dealing with Revenue Commissioners
  • Reducing Corporation Tax and minimising exposure to Close Company Surcharge


  • Prepare Form 11 Income Tax Returns well in advance of Tax Deadline
  • Timely Filing of Form 11 thus ensuring no Sur-charges,Interest or Penalties or the possibiliry of a Revenue Audit arising
  • Prepare Income Tax Returns for proprietary Directors
  • Prepare returns for Rental Income  Tax


  • Pension planning through the company in order to maximise the funds available to the company director on retirement
  • Avail of revenue approved mileage and subsistence schemes.
  • Salary planning to ensure maximum tax efficient salaries are extracted


  • Review the Books & records prior revenue audit. From our experience, when , along with doing the Accounts ,we are also doing the Bookkeeping for clients we find  that no surprises occur. Any potential Revenue Audit issues are flagged at an early stage.
  • Prepare the voluntary disclosure submissions.
  • Advise on settlements and negotiations with Revenue.

 5. VAT

  • Assistance with Vat Registration
  • Advise on Vat Registration Limits and Schemes
  • Prepare and submit Vat returns
  •  Advise client in a timely and efficient manner


  • Prepare and submit monthly P 30’s,Annual P 35
  • Prepare Monthly/Weekly  Payslips
  • Ensure Tax credits applied for and Emergency tax rules implemented if required
  • Advice on payroll packages
  • PAYE employees Tax Refunds
  • Claim tax back


  • Advise on strict RCT rules
  • Registering RCT contracts
  • Registering RCT payment on behalf of Principal Contractor


  • Assisting with Calculating correct LPT liability
  • Completion of Relevant forms on line
  • Advising of Submission and payment deadlines


  • We will advise on exposure to Capital Gains tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Advise on Tax free thresholds and reliefs available
  • Advise on Business Asset Relief, Favourite Nephew relief, Agricultural relief etc.
  • Advise on Preliminary Tax and submission deadlines